Sceptre FAQ

What is Sceptre?

How does Sceptre work?

What is APY?

What is Liquid Staking?

What is the 2 weeks cooling/waiting period when you unstake?

Will I be able to keep delegating my wFLR with the provider of my choice or do I have to use Scepter for Flare if I want to stake with you?

So the 50k minimum $FLR stands to participate in the LST?

When can I deposit sFLR into Kinetic?

How could I use up to 10k FLR?

I assume the rewards will be comparable to if I had just done it myself. The added bonus here is the sFLR that can be used separately?

Are rewards still accrued during the 2 week cool down when unstaking?

What's your plan for staking? Will you be supporting and staking to community validators or are you planning on running your own hardware?

Who is the team who created Sceptre and what is their background?

What sort of yield earning solutions and/or workflows are made possible by liquid staking?

What is sFLR technically?

Flare Drops and other rewards increase the value of sFLR vs wFLR/FLR. How?

I understand there is a way to unlock instantly. How?

Gain additional utility on your asset to be freely utilized within Decentralized Finance (DeFi). How?

Can I add the sFLR token to my wallet manually?

What happens to my FlareDrop if I stake before the coming Flaredrop?