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Flare Liquid Staking

A better way to maintain rewards on your FLR/wFLR while also being able to access the equity for other activities.

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Benefits of staking FLR/wFLR with Sceptre
  • Flare Drops increase the value of sFLR vs wFLR/FLR
  • 2 Week unlock period
  • No need to periodically claim rewards
  • Seamlessly stake and start earning
  • Gain additional utility on your intrerest bearing asset to be freely utilized within Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Sceptre FAQ

What is Sceptre?

Sceptre is a multi-network Liquid Staking solution created in co-oporation with Rome Blockchain Labs. Sceptre aims to ensure the best possible return for the user while providing a safe and secure way to stake your assets.

How does Sceptre work?

Sceptre stakes the assets provided and in return mints its Liquid tokens for the user to use in other protocols. Sceptre monitors the nodes it has staked assets closely to ensure the best return possible.

What is APY?

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the effective rate of return on an investment for one year taking compounding interest into account. Liquid Staking is compounding delegation and other rewards, not interest.

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Users

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid Staking is Staking but instead of locking up all your assets you get a Token in return that you can use with protocols on the network or even swap on a DEX. In other words, you can get delegation rewards (and in this case Flare Drops) while not loosing utility.

So you can for instance supply the sTOKEN (sFLR) with Kinetic and borrow against it while earning yield for supplying.

What is the 2 weeks cooling/waiting period when you unstake?

When unstaking, you return your sFLR to Sceptre and it takes two weeks to get FLR/wFLR from Sceptre. So, it is locked up for that 2 weeks.

If that is too long for you, there are alternatives like swapping sFLR for FLR on a DEX (depending on the availability of pools) or supplying it as collateral on Kinetic and borrowing against it.

Other alternatives will surely develop as more types of protocols come to the Flare network.

Will I be able to keep delegating my wFLR with the provider of my choice or do I have to use Scepter for Flare if I want to stake with you?

The Sceptre protocol will determine where to stake. We do not have our own validator nodes and don’t plan to have any. They are evenly distributed amongst the nodes that fall within the criteria of uptimes, fees, and APYs

Our goal is to provide the best possible return for our users, against the lowest possible risk.

So the 50k minimum $FLR stands to participate in the LST?

This is true for individuals staking on the p-chain. However, this is not an issue for Sceptre. You can stake any amount of FLR/wFLR with Sceptre and we will take care of the rest.

When can I deposit sFLR into Kinetic?

If you deposit wFLR, we stake on your behalf (using our criteria), and you receive sFLR. Then you can deposit sFLR into Kinetic Lending Protocol to receive rewards.

You gain the utility of sFLR without losing your rewards.

How could I use up to 10k FLR?

You can put any amount of wFLR into Sceptre and receive your proportion of rewards in return. There is no minimum deposit amount on Sceptre.

In other words, its put into one pot and then staked and then divided back down on return of tokens.

While Sceptre gets the rewards from staking and Flare drops, we add those to the pool which increase the value of sFLR compared to FLR/wFLR. When you unstake your sFLR, you will get more FLR back than you put in (initial stake + rewards from staking and flare drops).

I assume the rewards will be comparable to if I had just done it myself. The added bonus here is the sFLR that can be used separately?

There is a small fee (comparable to other liquid staking protocols) but as we compound constantly, you'll likely end up with a higher APY than most people would get if they do it manually. You will have utility of sFLR in other protocols (no need to worry about where your flare drops go) where you can gain additional yield.

Are rewards still accrued during the 2 week cool down when unstaking?

We calculate the price of sFLR vs FLR when the cooldown period is over. So the price includes all the rewards up to that point.

What's your plan for staking? Will you be supporting and staking to community validators or are you planning on running your own hardware?

We will be staking equally among those validators in the community that fall within the parameters we set for uptime, fees, and rewards. We are not planning to have our own.

Who is the team who created Sceptre and what is their background?

The team is responsible for BENQI as well. Technical execution by Rome Blockchain Labs.

What sort of yield earning solutions and/or workflows are made possible by liquid staking?

While getting all the rewards you would get from Staking on Flare (Flare Drops and Staking Rewards) you retain utility of your token so you can use it with other protocols like Kinetic.

What is sFLR technically?

sFLR is a native token to the Flare Network